REN Clean Skincare

Being the pioneers of clean skincare, REN CLEAN SKINCARE is focusing on three core pillars:
1. The best of nature. Only the best in plant and mineral derived bio-actives, for skincare that works. Performance.
2. No nasties. That’s no parabens, sulphates, mineral oils or petroleum. No synthetic colours or fragrances. Purity.
3. Sensorial. Great to touch textures. Scents you’ll adore. You’ll love using it and love the results. Pleasure.

From the outset REN has challenged skincare convention. From its inception in East London in 2000 REN has pioneered Clean Skincare: a smarter skincare which delivers high performance, visible results whilst always being on skin’s side. Scrupulously avoiding any skin unfriendly, toxic ingredients. With just the right amount of naturally derived hi-tech bio-actives that help the skin help itself. Served in products that are gorgeously pleasurable to use, affordable and recyclable as REN is truly committed to finding new ways of constantly improving its impact on the world we all share.

TMC Nordic represents REN CLEAN SKINCARE in Denmark and Sweden.

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