One of the Worlds most valuable brands, HERMÈS, delivers the highest quality, also when it comes to fragrances and bath products. With fragrances like Terre d`Hermès, Caleche and Twilly d`Hermès the pallet is illustrated with bestsellers, iconic creations and the newest expressions and interpretations.

The story of Hermès begins in 1837, when harness- and saddle maker Thierry Hermès, opened his first workshop in Paris. Since then, through more than 6 generations the family have explored in many craftsmanship’s which includes fragrances which have been an integrated part of the Hermés brand since the 1930´s. Today in-house parfumeur Christine Nagel works in close collaboration with creative members of the house resulting in the launch of elegant, original and innovative products.

TMC Nordic represents HERMÉS in Denmark