Reflecting the wonderful traditions of perfume creation for 35 years, Amouage is a luxury brand devoted to developing the finest quality perfumes, bath and body ranges. Founded in 1983 in Oman, the brand has a reputation for expressing a luxury lifestyle and bringing true artistry to all its creations.

From the aromatic scents of its Main collection and Midnight Flower, Library and Secret Garden collections, every product is designed with meticulous attention to detail. The premium olfactory fragrances are created to enhance the senses, allowing for an alluring, exotic experience, while the extension of the brand reflects innovation, and allows Amouage to set itself apart from other perfume houses.

To quote Christopher Chong, Amouage’s Creative Director:

“Perfume is more than beautiful scents. It is a philosophy, a representation of life, living, who we are and how we want to define ourselves.”


TMC Nordic represents Amouage in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.