Parfums de Marly

Recreating the splendour of the Eighteenth Century, Parfums de Marly delivers outstanding fragrances that bear the names of dignified breeds of horses. During the reign of King Louis XV, known as ‘Louis the Beloved’, France became the centre of the perfume industry. Equestrianism was the pride and glory at King Louis’ fashionable Versailles court, with the King owning over 600 horses including 8 Godolphin and Darly Arabian horses from the King of Tunisia, which he bred with his European breeds to create superior racehorses.

Sourced from around the globe, Parfums de Marly’s fine fragrance blends rekindle this very same spirit. Producing male, female and unisex perfumes, the perfume house’s premium craftsmanship offers ultimate olfactory luxury.

TMC Nordic represents Parfums de Marly in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.