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Consumer Centric Beauty

Our portfolio is relevant for the Nordic consumer’s needs, priorities and aspirations.

Exclusive and niche fragrances

Natural & Sustainable skincare

Skincaring Makeup

Innovative & Active Skincare

Innovative, certified and high-quality brands and products.

We provide a selection of brands focusing on sustainability, natural ingredients, vegan-friendly, gluten-free and cruelty-free products in the prestige category.


Strategy development

We want to add value to the process by being brand experts and at the same time understanding consumer needs and current trends. Many of our existing retailers work on sophisticated digital platforms and we want to be at the forefront together by leveraging data and insights to build strategies and plans with long-term goals that create great results.

Brand management

In close collaboration with you, we will build a top-performing brand space on your site, including product pages with converting content like how-to-videos, colour swatches, ingredients, certifications etc. We are your partner and together we build categories in your physical stores. We see a high demand for more sustainable, organic, and natural brads and together we can build spaces with best-selling references. With winning brands in the natural/sustainable segment we bring you the brand of the future.  

Digital Marketing

Our digital department is our in-house digital agency with an experienced digital marketer who is focusing on marketing your business, our brands, and products in the digital world. This is done through social media, influencer marketing, content creation, PR, media campaigns, video production, in-store decoration, website design and development and other services.

Paid media

When building trade plans with our retailers, social media is an important building block and we have the know-how and expertise to create high-converting content. We drive traffic to your website through paid ads, collaborations with Influencers and affiliate marketing. We are building a strong network of 200 local influencers across the Nordics to create credibility, support our campaigns and generate traffic to your website. Also, we still do traditional advertising such as editorials and full-page print ads in high-end magazines to increase brand awareness, create demand and traffic.

Owned media

We understand how social media is a powerful tool to speak directly with our audience and how it raises awareness and generates interest and traffic. Therefore, we have our own local social media channels where we can communicate with our audience.
We have in-house PR experts who collaborate with key press and journalists in the Nordics. We invite local retailers to participate in our local press events, live events, and international events. We participate in local award shows and send out at least 2 press releases per brand each year.

Earned media

We aim to create good SEO and content strategies that has to be worthwhile in order to receive the value of earned media and drive traffic, engagement and sentiment around our brands.
We see it through word of mouth, mentions, shares, reposts, reviews and recommendations on our online brand spaces.