Clive Christian Perfumes is one of the world’s leading and most exclusive perfume houses, founded in 2001 by the British interior designer and designer Clive Christian. The company has its foundation in the Crown Perfumery Company, which was created in the year 1872. Crown Perfumery Company is the only perfume house that has been granted permission to use Queen Victoria’s crown on the bottles, which is an emblem that Clive Christian took over when he bought the company in 1999.

The first series – The Original Collection – with the signature fragrances No1 and 1872 is now one of the timeless classics of the perfume world and since then several other collections with fragrances for both men and women have been added.

Clive Christian perfumes, which contain 20 to 25 percent pure perfume, combine British perfection, luxury and elegance with exotic ingredients and raw materials of the highest quality from all corners of the globe.