With innovative products full of active natural ingredients this cult-brand from the French pharmacies has taken the world by storm. You can truly see, smell and feel the high quality. The owner of NUXE, Aliza jabéz, really has made her mark on the beauty industry when she created products like Huile Prodigieuse, a multi-functional oil that proved how luxurious and modern skin-, hair-, and nailcare can be.

The brand Nuxe (the name comes from ‘nature’ and ‘luxe’) has under Aliza’s ownership become one of the biggest skincare names in France.

A diverse range of face and body products, the formulations are the result of combining rare plants, essential oils and patented ingredients. Everything smells gorgeous too, with honey, chocolate and liquorice ingredients. There are no mineral oils and 80pc of the ingredients used are of natural origin.

TMC Nordic represents NUXE in Denmark