Who we are

TMC Nordic was founded in 2004 by Heidi Behrens and has since the beginning had a mission to delight consumers with high-quality, differentiated and innovative beauty products, helping them to look and feel the best way possible. Our headquarters, warehouse and training facilities are based in Søborg, Copenhagen in Denmark, and we have local sales offices in Sweden and Norway. In total, we are a team of 43 passionate and dedicated employees working with a strong strategic focus on digitization. We are an agile organization and our business model is characterized by the greatest successes being achieved through collaboration, proximity and transparency.

Inclusion and diversity

We take pride in being a company where employees are able to be themselves and feel a sense of belonging. We embrace and celebrate diversity and welcome all genders, ages, races and ethnicities.
Our workforce consists of 7 different nationalities, 76 % females and we have 60 % females in the executive leadership team. Our brands are founded in 7 different countries. And we are always on the look out to welcome more diverse talents and brands.

Sustainability and Green Initiatives

We are committed to protect the health of our planet for future generations. Every day we work on reducing our impact on the planet by recycling, eliminating excessive waste and reduce our CO2 emission.

World Oceans Day 2021

To support the mission of a cleaner planet and less plastic in the ocean, we collaborate with Ren Clean Skincare and The Danish society for Nature Conservation. On World Oceans Day in June 2021 we went on a clean up mission together to collect trash from the canals of Copenhagen. A mission supported by several of our retailers and influencer collaborations, and so successful that we have decided to make it a yearly tradition.

CO2 Reduction

In 2021 we are 1 out of 6 companies in Gladsaxe taking part in a pilot project on sustainable logistics solutions to reduce our CO2 emissions, by organizing freight and goods transport better. Greenway Logistics has developed a tool that can calculate CO2 emissions at all stages of the company’s transport chain that we and 5 other local companies will test. We are very much looking forward to seeing the results and inspire more companies to avoid transport waste throughout the value chain. Proud to be part of a municipality who takes lead!


At TMC Nordic, sustainability is at our core. We make efforts to fight against waste pollution, climate change & deforestation.


We strive to provide the best working conditions for our employees and a work environment that is safe, diverse and inclusive.


We do not affiliate with any political parties and are against any form of bribery, corruption, and lobbying.

Board of directors

Board member:
Konrad A. Kierklo
Board member:
Pernille Thorslund
Board member:
Tina Raasteen
Heidi Behrens
Board member:
Jens Wittrup Willumsen