Perricone MD

The American dermatologist and nutrition expert DR. Perricone has a lifelong passion for the science of healthy aging. This inspiration has resulted in the discovery of breakthrough technologies which transformed skin care. The skin care products from DR. Perricone is proven effective through clinical studies and was one of the first cosmeceutical products on the market. The range “No Makeup Makeup” is an innovative approach to result oriented, repairing and replenishing basic makeup for your face.

One important theory behind DR. Perricones research reveals that inflammation within the body has a negative impact on aging. Through anti-inflammatory foods, food supplements and specific skin care inflammation in the body can be reduced dramatically. The aging of the body and the skin is reduced as a result of a healthier body and the immune system is strengthened. With the right nutrition, we can better control inflammation in the body and live a healthier life.

TMC Nordic represents Perricone MD in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.